Belits Computer Systems

First model of TD-44 server ready for production

TD-S448664A-G2-001, the first model of TD-44 server is now ready for production.

Fig. 1

Production prototype of TD-S448664A-G2-001 server

Press Release — Belits Computer Systems, Inc. receives Notice of Allowance for US Patent for its cooling system

Centennial, CO (March, 10 2007)

Belits Computer Systems, Inc. announces that recently it had received a Notice of Allowance for its US Patent application 20050217829 titled "Low-profile thermosyphon-based cooling system for computers and other electronic devices". The patent is expected to be issued within months.

This patent application covers the unique design of the cooling systems used in TD-44 servers, which is also intended to be used in the future products of the company. The cooling system provides efficient heat transfer from CPUs to the cooling air inside the server, allowing optimization of the server's internal layout and airflow, providing more space and airflow for additional boards and improving the cooling of servers in densely packed data centers.

Alex Belits, VP of Engineering stated, "This Notice of Allowance demonstrates recognition of the new technology that we have developed to improve the design of rack-mountable servers. Our new cooling systems are not only capable of providing better heat transfer, thus allowing more servers in data centers of the same size, they also allow us to arrange components within the server in a way that was previously impossible. New layouts leave more space for additional server components in the same space within the server, and direct the flow of cooling air in a more efficient way, simultaneously improving equipment density, functionality and reliability. This technology is compatible with many components currently on the market or expected to become available in the future. We will be able to utilize it to provide a wide range of server products designed for applications such as hosting of various network services, office networks, telephony systems, high-performance computing for scientific and media processing applications, databases and storage."